Welcome to Make World!

by Stavroula Sokoli
10 February, 2015

Thanks for visiting our blog! Would you like to contribute? Here are some ideas you could write about:

  • Your experience using an innovative tool (ICT or not) or methodology in STEM education
  • Challenges to attract children/youth to STEM (it may focus on girls)
  • What motivates your students
  • What is STEM for in real life? Examples of how concepts from STEM apply in real life
  • Women in the science and technology (past and present)

If you find these topics as exciting as we do, leave a reply here and we’ll contact you!


  1. panos on

    Awesome! Looks nice 🙂


    I am a mother of an eleven year old girl. She attends a primary school who uses ipad throughout the educational process. I find interesting the above topics and would like to contribute as I have three years of experience watching her school program and the use of technology in education.

    1. Stavroula Sokoli on

      Hi Alexandra, nice to meet you! We’d be more than glad to have you join us. Let’s keep in contact through PMs. You can email us directly at

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