An idea for an energy saving world

The benefits of using energy saving light bulbs, are important for the protection of the environment and for our wallet!

The following proposed scenario for Make World can help students understand the benefits of replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs.

This scenario includes a number of different rooms- worlds of a house in which the user must navigate to replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. During this activity the user will have to answer simple mathematical problems, calculating energy savings as a result of the bulbs’ replacement.

By using this world, a student should be enabled to:

  • Learn ways to preserve our natural environment (Natural environment and Ecosystems).
  • Explore the necessity and the ways to save energy (Energy).
  • Execute algebraic operations (Numbers and Algebraic operations).

This scenario can form the basis for the development of other scenarios with themes like:

  • Replacing devices with energy-efficient appliances.
  • Using alternative energy saving models (hydroelectric power plants, dams, with turbines) in different physical enviroments-worlds.
  • Using means of transport with different fuels (gazoline, diesel, LPG and electricity)
  • Minimizing consumption by selecting the optimal path (using maps).

MW saving energy

21st century skills development and STEM in primary school

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